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                       F i s h  &  C u t t l e f i s h  S n a c k s

CuttleFish Crispy [ 28g x 12pkts ]                     Crispy Cuttlefish [ 300g ]                                                       

Dahfa Dried Fish Snacks [ Fillet ]            Dahfa Dried Fish Snacks [ Slice ]    Dahfa Dried Fish Snacks [ Slice ]
Dahfa Dried Fish Snacks [ Slice ]            Dahfa Dried Fish Snacks [ Fillet ]    Dahfa Dried Fish Snacks [ Fillet ]
  [ 12g x 20pkts ]                                             [ 30g x 10pkts ]                          [ 150g x 30pkts per carton]

Ken Ken's Shredded Cuttlefish                Ken Ken's Sudare Cuttlefish                  Ken Ken's Whole Piece Cuttlefish
    [ 14g x 20pkts ]                                       [ 15g x 20pkts ]                                       [ 20g x 20pkts ]

   Red Cuttlefish [80g x 10pkts]                       Satay Fish [ 12sticks  x 10packs ]