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Established Since Year 1968
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Operating Hours from Monday to Sunday - 1000Hrs to 1345Hrs
Closed during Public Holidays.
[ Yes, the operating hours is exact. Understood that it is short as the store is closed after 1345Hrs to provide deliveries to various customers ]

                    A l m o n d s ,  R a i s i n s  &  N u t s
Camel White Sugar Peanuts [ 1KG ]    Camel Cracker Peanuts [ 1 KG ]         Camel Roasted Peanuts [ 1 KG ]
Camel Mixed Snacks [ 1KG ]

Camel Cracker Nuts [40g x 20pkts]      Camel Roasted Salted Nuts [40g x 20pkts]  Camel Sweet Nuts [ 40g x 20pkts ]

Camel Mixed Snacks [ 40g x 20pkts ]      Camel Sugar Nuts [ 40g x 20pkts ]     Camel Shandong Nuts [150g x 10pkts]

Camel Cracker Nuts [150g x 10pkts]     Camel Sweet Nuts [ 150g x 10pkts ]       Camel Roasted Nuts [150g x 10pkts]

Camel Satay Broad Beans [150g x 10]     Camel Sugar Nuts [ 150g x 10pkts ]       Camel Mixed Nuts [ 150g x 10pkts ]

Camel Roasted Grams [ 150g x 10 ]        Camel Green Peas [ 150g x 10pkts ]      Camel Broad Beans [ 150g x 10pkts ]

LIGO Seedless Raisins [ 30g x 12pkts]   LIGO Seedless Raisins [ 30gx 12pkts ]                                                               

Camel Cashew Nuts [ 40g x 20pkts ]            Seaweed Cracker Peanuts [ 400g ]
Camel Pistachios [ 40g x 20pkts ]
Camel Almonds [ 40g x 20pkts ]

Farmer Roasted Nuts [ 150g x 20 ]         Farmer Garlic Nuts [ 150g x 20 ]       

Tong Garden Broad Beans [Onion & Garlic]             Tong Garden Salted Pumpkin
Tong Garden Broad Beans [ Chilli ]                                 [ 30g x 12pkts ]
     [ 120g x 12pkts ]

Tong Garden Honey Sunflower               Tong Garden BBQ Sunflower             Tong Garden Sunflower [ Mixed Anchovy ]
 [ 30g x 12pkts ]                                                 [ 30g x 12pkts ]                                    [ 30g x 12pkts ]


Dahaoda Butter Seeds 130g x 40pkts     Xiong Di Sunflower Seeds with Spices    

                                                                      [ 130g x 10pkts ]